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Path Finder 6

Path Finder 6 adds support for access control lists (ACLs), OpenMeta, batch file renaming, and hex editing. I don’t use Path Finder as a Finder replacement. Rather, I launch it every once in a while to do certain operations that the Finder can’d do and that are somewhat of a pain to do in Terminal. It’s normally $40, $35 for the first week, and $15 for upgraders.

iCloud vs. the Web

Manton Reece:

If Web 2.0 made data more accessible, iCloud takes that same data and…keeps it closed. It’s a step forward on user convenience and a step back on interoperability.

He thinks this is Apple’s plan, that Apple isn’t interested in solving the interoperability problem, and that’s fine. I think it’s a poor long-term strategy for Apple to cede the interesting cloud use cases to Web APIs and other companies.

When Steve Jobs said that Dropbox was but a feature, perhaps he was revealing a blind spot. The cloud, or the Web, is more like a platform. If Apple doesn’t want to provide the APIs, developers will find others to build on. This is probably good for the world at large, but it’s somewhat of a missed opportunity for iCloud.

RB App Checker Lite 1.0

Rainer Brockerhoff:

RB App Checker Lite helps users and developers to check code signatures and receipts for applications from any source. It will show certificates, requirements and entitlements, cross-check all this information for consistency, and check that the application’s resources have not been altered after signing.

The user interface has too many popovers for my taste, but it looks like a big improvement over using codesign in Terminal. It would be nice to see support for checking the Gatekeeper compatibility with older versions of Mac OS X.