Friday, April 6, 2012

The Future of MacRuby

Matt Aimonetti (via Shantonu Sen):

I’d like to make clear that I see myself more in a role of a facilitator than a technical leader on the order of what Laurent was. This role has been left vacant for more than 6 months now and needs to be filled by a group of people with greater technical skills than mine. Additional contributors are therefore more than welcome to join the team, and their support will be as much appreciated as it is needed.

Laurent Sansonetti had been working on MacRuby while employed by Apple, but he’s no longer with Apple or contributing to the project.

Update (2012-05-05): Sansonetti has created RubyMotion, a commercial runtime and development environment for building iOS apps with Ruby.

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This post may not have been in the thread when you posted your weblog article, but at least the last part is no longer true:

@Nicholas Thanks for the link. He brings up the point that Objective-C garbage collection, added in 10.5, is deprecated in 10.8. I always thought it was a cool idea to have Objective-C and Ruby use the same collector. It’ll be interesting to see what they do now, since my understanding is that Ruby is designed around the assumption that there’s GC.

Given the remaining issues with GC and Cocoa, the switch to ARC will probably be a good thing... But that must be quite some big refactoring for them.

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