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Monday, April 2, 2012

TidBITS’s Favorite April Fools Jokes

Adam C. Engst:

We’re big fans of April Fools Day, so much so that we’ve been writing an April Fools issue since 1991. This year, however, the holiday fell on a Sunday, and the joke is usually lost when people don’t experience it on the day itself. So instead of doing an April Fools issue for 2012, we want to share some of our favorite online pranks, mock sites, and otherwise entertaining fare from yesterday.

My favorite is Flickr’s Atkinson Dither.


John Gruber:

Readability should make it clear that it’s really up to 70 percent of subscriber contributions that are paid to publishers, and that in reality it’s far less because most websites aren’t in their program. Or, they should pay 70 percent and split it only among those publishers who are registered. They way they’re doing it and phrasing it now is misleading.

Update (2012-06-13): Most of the intended recipients never recieved any money:

And the great majority of those publishers never registered. Out of the millions—yes, millions—of domains that flowed through Readability, just over 2,000 registered to claim their money. As a result, most of the money we collected—over 90%—has gone unclaimed. As of today there’s nearly $150,000 in earmarked money sitting in a separate, untouched bank account.

It seems to me that they should refund it to the donors or divide it amongst the publishers who did register. Instead, they’re giving the bulk of it to two non-profit organizations that they selected.