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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

iPhoto’s Mystery Meat Gestures

Lukas Mathis:

After downloading and playing around with Apple’s new iPhoto for iOS, I felt like I was teleported back to 1998. Touching and gesturing in different ways would make seemingly random things happen. I regularly unintentionally activated features, changed views, opened or closed pictures, and got iPhoto into states I wasn’t sure how to get out of again.

Great article. It’s impressive what can be done with iPhoto for iOS. But I tried it before watching Randy Ubillos’s demo and was confused, even though I was familiar with many of the features from Aperture. The buttons aren’t labeled, and I missed many of the hidden gestures. There’s very little help within the app, and of course there’s no written manual.

AIM Is (Unofficially) Dead

Gizmodo links to this report from Nick Bilton (via Peter Maurer):

The AOL Instant Messenger group took the deepest cut so far. A former AOL employee said the group was “eviscerated and now only consists of support staff.” This person, who asked not to be named because they were not allowed to speak publicly about the company, added that “nearly all of the West Coast tech team has been killed.”

Somehow I find this more surprising than Encyclopaedia Britannica going out of print.