Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TiVo Premiere Elite

John Siracusa is on fire in Hypercritical #58.

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I agree with a lot of what Siracusa sez.

It's funny. Just like the OS X experience has subtly degraded since Snowy, the TiVo OS experience has subtly degraded since the TiVo HD. But I may be a special case for TiVo. I really value 'teh snappy' in my intensive experience with tech, and so like an SSD is far more important to me than a much better CPU in a Mac, the classic TiVo UI is better to me than the HDTV UI, just cuz of 'teh snappy'. Plus, since I've got generous CCI byte settings from my wireline provider, I can offload content into Plex so I don't need the 2GB HD offered by the new platform. Plus, we're a single TV household, so I don't need MRV. Plus I don't appreciate the eye candy, ads, and 'discovery'.

So I remain with my TiVo HD, despite the fact that I'd really like to pay TiVo for the much faster bandwidth and iOS control offered by the Premiere/Elite platforms. (And the higher disk capacity and extra tuners would be nice too, but they're less essential.)

For those reasons, I was originally going to get a Premiere and run it in SDUI emulation mode, which supposedly has even more of 'teh snappy' than the TiVo HD, but for a long time there was a show-stopping bug in SDUI emulation mode that was being confirmed by sane folks in the tivocommunity forums. Very recently, TiVo may have fixed that bug, and it proves true, I'll buy an Elite and run it in SDUI mode.

TiVo: the worst DVR in the world with the lone exception of every other single DVR...

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