Monday, February 20, 2012

Growl and Notification Center

Chris Forsythe:

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion was revealed yesterday. A few people have noticed a new feature that is somewhat similar to Growl. Apple calls it Notification Center. We would like to clear a few things up about how we view Growl going forward due to this announcement[…]

Some people are asking whether this means that Growl is dead, but I think that’s far from the case. Apple limits Notification Center access to its own applications and those from the Mac App Store. Users will want to see all their notifications in one place, yet this is not possible. Apple’s applications don’t use Growl, and many third-party applications will be barred from Notification Center. Enter a hypothetical future version of Growl. Growl is in the Mac App Store, so it can post to Notification Center. It could act as a bridge, receiving notifications from third-party applications and re-broadcasting them through Notification Center. Assuming, of course, that the guidelines aren’t changed to prohibit this sort of thing.

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Only problem I can see is that the icon would still be the Growl icon, and the application name would be "Growl".

Only problem I can see is that Growl is in the Mac App Store and as such it can't act as a bridge because no-one should be able to interact with it programmatically.

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