Friday, February 3, 2012

Lion’s Bugs

Pierre Igot:

Ever since I upgraded to Lion last summer, I’ve been dealing with the usual, seemingly unavoidable collection of bugs that each and every major OS upgrade brings. What has been particularly irritating about the phenomenon this time around is that today, six months and several incremental OS updates later (we are currently at Mac OS X 10.7.3), most of these problems are still there, and there is no indication that Apple is taking them seriously enough that we can expect them to be fixed soon.

Although I’ve not been pleased with some of Lion’s user interface changes, and there are lots of bugs related to new features like Versions and the sandbox, in general use it has been mostly solid and reliable for me. It was perhaps the smoothest of any Mac OS X upgrade I’ve done. And it definitely seems more stable than Snow Leopard, the ostensibly more minor upgrade. However, general comments from my customers are more along the lines of Igot’s experience. Some people see Lion as Apple’s Vista: not a very compelling upgrade, a lot of stuff doesn’t work right, and they wish they’d sat out this round.

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Igot is right. For me 10.5.8 was the most stable one.

"Igot is right. For me 10.5.8 was the most stable one."

10.6.8 is pretty damn sweet too, just as long as you stop updating before the post-10.6.8 "refinements" that first mess up Safari, and now break Rosetta.

Current uptime of 63 days. Runs like a champ.


Avoid installing Lion due to the degraded functionality. Stay away from Lion cuz of the bugginess.

I would agree with Chucky. 10.6.8 is good.

Just give me Launchpad on 10.6.8 in a version that handles mouse-clicks better (I hate that clicking not an icon makes Launchpad go away) and everything will be fine.

The 2 things I dislike the most in Lion are:

- Versions.
- Having to use Xslow 4.

I'm only using Lion when I need to check the compatibility of applications.

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Lion as an OS is pitifully compare too snow leopard , after putting up with the buggyness and memory issue's for 6month's, I couldn't get snow leopard on fast enough. But after install snow leopard and it updates proved that apple has relagated the desktop market back too the OS9. As with lion I've notice the snow leopard now suffers from the dreaded Automatic Termination, causing issue's beyond belief like unresponsive third party app's , stuttering with app's But with lion the list goes on and on, the lack of "Save As" in Preview in lion was/is a joke and been ask twice about saving files drove me mad, On top of that I had to manually shutdown every preview window, try doing with a dozen open preview windows is a nightmare because if ya try close all preview windows at once, it goes into save mode which doesn't work and you have to do a force shutdown. ARGH fuck it.

Another Vista debacle from Apple this time..........

P.S. I have a Mac Pro 2008 dual Quad CPU with 32gig of ram and it was beachballing in Lion go figure.

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