Monday, January 30, 2012

Hibari Design Philosophy

Victoria Wang:

Because Hibari is a secondary app, I want it to fit in with the feel of the operating system as much as possible. I call Hibari “minimalist,” but it’s certainly not an instance of bare, angular, monochromatic minimalism. I’m aiming instead for a quiet, soothing, Japanese-style minimalism; one that feels natural.

I’ve been using Hibari for almost a week now, and it’s great.

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I've been attached to Tweet Marker, so I can't use a Twitter client without it, but even if Hibari supported Tweet Marker I prefer the timeline look of Twitterrific compared to Hibari, I think Twitterrific is more quiet and soothing.

@Adrian To me, Twitterrific is superficially quiet and soothing. Your screenshot looks good except for the relative timestamps; I agree with Wang on those. But Twitterrific also has buttons that appear and disappear as you move your mouse, a “new tweet” banner that slides up from the bottom, a compose area that slides down from the top, popovers to show conversations, a huge sidebar if you want to see certain features, etc. So in actual use it’s too busy for my taste.

Just a follow-up (since I googled hibari tweetmarker and my comment above was first hit), Hibari will get Tweet Marker support in 1.6.

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