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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Limited World of Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

Marco Arment:

There’s no way for a developer to opt out of this data collection and disable this dialog. If you sell an auto-renewable subscription, your customers will be told that you want their personal information, and you will be given that information (and the liabilities that come with it) whether you wanted it or not.


Reading between the lines on my rejection call, and seeing it codified more clearly here, it’s obvious that only traditional-style media publishing apps can use auto-renewable subscriptions. They were created solely for the existing newspaper and magazine industry, not web services.

SnapRuler 1.1.1

Lucas Mathis:

First, hitting shift immediately snaps the measuring rectangle to the nearest visible edge (like the border of a button or window). Second, once you’ve measured something, you can copy the values as CSS or Objective-C code, and directly paste them into your text file. And third, you can easily resize your selection rectangle by single pixels using the arrow keys (something I have to do often when I’m working with a trackpad).

It’s a nice little app. There’s no trial version, but it works as you’d expect.

CouchDB and Erlang

Damien Katz:

Erlang is great. Very reliable and very easy to make reliable robust systems. But it’s a very small ecosystem, and the investment around tooling and performance is lacking compared with other popular languages. I want Erlang to become mainstream. There is no reason Erlang can’t be a fast or faster than Java, but it’s odd syntax turns people off, limits it’s popularity, and therefore it’s commercial investment. But I still love Erlang, and we’ll still use it for many critical components, just less and less for the performance critical components.