Sunday, January 1, 2012

Metro Design Principles

Jeff Fong (via Dave Nanian):

A particular design style like iPhone’s would recreate a metaphor from the physical world (like a bookshelf) to solve this scenario. The bookshelf is gorgeous, well aligned, book covers fit nicely and it even uses wooden texture to make it feel more “real”. This design style Iconographic. It uses metaphors from the physical world in a digital world. In Metro we are Infographic. The Authentically Digital Principle would question the need of a “wooden bookshelf” to hold “images of book covers”. After all, wood is not wood in the digital world - it’s pattern made out of pixels - it’s “fake”. If you take out the “bookshelf” the “books” will not fall down because there’s not force of gravity. So no need for a wooden bookshelf. Instead remove the chrome, the unnecessary, respecting the fact we are talking about pixels.

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