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The Software Developer’s Dilemma

Dave Winer:

The bottom-line is that the developers would have done better, imho, working with each other, than each of them making separate “deals” with Apple. Because to Apple, they weren’t deals at all. Their motive, as people, not so much as a company, was to regain full control of everything that happened on their platform. The other developers helped them do that. Once that was over, they weren’t important to Apple.


Well, not that you could sell it through the MAS, but the QuicKeys developer has sadly died. Which explains the lack of a Lion update.

I nominate Michael to take the job, or at least know someone who might be interested.

@Chucky Which issues do you think would keep QuicKeys out of the Mac App Store? Keyboard Maestro is currently available there.

[...] has sadly died, and Startly is seeking someone to replace him and complete the update for Lion (via Chucky). I used to be a heavy user of QuicKeys. Here’s a review from 1997 in which I complain about [...]

"@Chucky Which issues do you think would keep QuicKeys out of the Mac App Store? Keyboard Maestro is currently available there."

Huh. Is the MAS version massively crippled?

Perhaps my understanding of the sandbox is badly mistaken. I have no experience with Keyboard Maestro, but the feature list seems roughly equivalent with QuicKeys, and I've been assuming quite a bunch of the QuicKeys features would be utterly incompatible with the New Model regime. As stated, perhaps I just don't understand the potential freedom available in the sandbox.

(I love the brilliant QuicKeys UI enough that I've totally ignored the existence of Keyboard Maestro.)

@Chucky Yes, I’m pretty sure that the sandbox will cause major problems for both. I thought you were referring to other issues, such as QuicKeys perhaps relying on private API.

If I were a developer with sandbox issues I'd not consider putting it in MAS as there will be some severely pissed customers come March unless Apple changes things.

Startly is in a bad way for sure. I hope the best for them as I really like Quickeys - and honestly the features that don't work in Lion aren't features I typically use anyway.

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