Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TextMate 2.0 Alpha

As promised, the public alpha of TextMate 2 was released before Christmas. Some of the significant changes are support for non-contiguous selection, better multi-file find/replace, color themes, more powerful language grammars, and a better bundle editor. No doubt lots of groundwork has been laid for cool stuff in the future, but it doesn’t seem to be at a state where I can use it for work. My existing project files are not recognized, it hung trying to download Java (which I already had installed) when I tried to open a LaTeX file, and it doesn’t recognize my custom language grammar for reStructuredText, which is the main reason that I have TextMate in the first place. The documentation for what’s new and how to migrate is scant, and version 1.5 still works fine for me, so I see no reason to be an early adopter.

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