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Monday, December 12, 2011

Binary Constant Macros in C

Tom Torfs (via Jonathan Rentzsch):

I’ve been missing the lack of support for binary numeric literals in C. To get around it I wrote the following handy macros, which allows you to simply write something like:

whatever = B8(10101010);

and will translate as:

whatever = 85;

MFIndexSetForeach Macro

Michel Fortin has written a macro for iterating over an NSIndexSet. It looks to be easier and faster than writing your own loop, and also more convenient than using block iteration.

iCloud: Lessons Learned

Kyle Sluder has posted slides from his talk, which is important since much of this stuff is not yet extensively documented.

Hex Fiend 2.1

HexFiend 2.1 adds support for binary diff viewing, choosing the text encoding, and more.

NeoFinder 6.0

NeoFinder 6.0 is a Cocoa rewrite of Norbert Doerner’s venerable CDFinder. It looks like a great update, although I have less need for offline disk cataloging these days. I’ve transferred the contents of all my archival DVDs (software disk images, old project data, videos, music, etc.) to a few multi-terabyte hard drives. When I need to find a file, I can just stick the relevant drive into the Voyager S3 and then search it with EagleFiler.