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Friday, November 18, 2011

Siri and OmniFocus

OmniFocus for iPhone 1.13 can now pick up reminders that you’ve entered via Siri. You have to give OmniFocus your Apple ID and password. Then it checks the iCloud calendar server for new reminders, creates new tasks for them in the OmniFocus inbox, and deletes from from iCloud (so that you don’t get duplicates in Reminders or iCal). It seems to work well. Of course, it would be better if Siri could integrate with apps directly.

Nearly Hygienic C Macros via __COUNTER__

Jonathan Rentzsch shows how to use __COUNTER__ to generate “unique” identifiers for use in macros.

Death and Resurrection of an SSD

Jonathan Rentzsch:

SSDs live fast, die young, and pretend to be OK even while they’re dying. Don’t use one without awesome backups.

Steve Jobs and iAds


His weirdly strong enthusiasm for iAds bothered me at the time and still does because he was more excited about people making ads than he’s ever been (publicly) about people making apps. For a guy that always professes to hold the interest of the customers to heart, that’s a strange position.

It’s questions like these that I would have hoped would be asked in the biography, but probably aren’t. However, I’m reserving further comments, and listening to others’, until I’ve finished reading it.

Secondly, I have no strong opinions about Coldplay, but I’ve not been pleased to read all the comments suggesting that it was somehow inappropriate or disappointing for Jobs to have enjoyed their music.