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Monday, November 7, 2011


Mike Zornek:

For example, with the release of iCloud I received emails from some ProfitTrain users who were getting warnings that the link between clients and the AddressBook cards were breaking. Turns out when enabling iCloud your AddressBook records get all new uniqueId values. This isn’t even limited to the initial setup. Turn iCloud contact syncing off and on and it’ll do it again.

Even though the documentation says it’s “guaranteed never to change.”

Apple Edicts

Pierre Lebeaupin:

In the future, Apple may claim that they warned developers of such things in advance but the truth is most of the stuff they warned about did not come to pass in the way they warned it would, so why should developers heed these “warnings”?

Creating iCal Events

Kirk McElhearn:

If you double-click to create an event in Month view, and then type a time along with the name of the event (Read Walden 8pm), iCal will create a one-hour event at the time you specify.

Otherwise, iCal in Lion will create an all-day event, which is rarely what I want. The Snow Leopard behavior made more sense, I think.