Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Siri Dictation Commands

Jim Rhoades (via Erik Barzeski) lists some spacing, punctuation, and capitalization voice commands that Siri recognizes. I’ve yet to figure out how to escape these, when I want the literal word. Maybe it will improve with practice, but my early impression is that dictation is not very useful for entering notes. Between mistaken homophones and regular mistakes and the times when it does nothing at all, it’s less frustrating to just type. It’s potentially more useful when you really want to avoid typing, e.g. while driving, although it’s not accurate enough that I feel like I could avoid looking at the screen to check that it got something close to right.

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Wow. I am not 100% in the opposite direction, but I'm well towards the other end of the spectrum. I'm using it for more and more, particularly texts/iMessages. I'm often surprised at how many things it gets right, and the more you use it, the more it gets right.

Totally trying to figure this out too. Knowing the dictation is based on Dragon Naturally Speaking (afaik), I looked in their documentation and couldn't find it there either!?!

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