Monday, October 3, 2011

Growl 1.3

Growl 1.3 is now available, exclusively from the Mac App Store. I like the new history feature, and I’m happy to send the developers the $2. The Mac App Store necessitated the switch from a preference pane to an application, which is fine, but it also requires a compulsory menu bar icon. I’d prefer to avoid that clutter. The installation process was glitchy, even though I’d manually deleted the old version of Growl before purchasing. The App Store application kept telling me that Growl was installing, though it wasn’t, and it either didn’t appear in the Purchased list at all or did appear but with a titleless button. I kept quitting App Store, going back to the Growl page, and re-buying, and eventually it did install the application.

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Caleb Clauset

I had the same less than stellar 'upgrade' experience. First it notified me that 'null' version 1.2.1 was installed. So I removed/uninstalled the Growl.prefpane but the installation hadn't completed (even though it appeared to have 'installed' it into LaunchPad). Then when I looked under Purchases it was no where to be found, so I too had to 're-buy' Growl (at which Apple dutifully notified me that I'd already purchased it and could download it again for free).

Similar problems here. I made the mistake of not uninstalling the old version first. During the install via app store I got an error that the old version was still running, so I went into Pref Pan and stopped the growl helper. The only option the installer left me with was "Quit" which unfortunately I hastily pressed. So now the App store thinks I already have growl 1.3 so won't let me re-install. Yet growl 1.2.2 is still in the pref pane and I can't find the Growl 1.3 app anywhere.

For what it's worth, I ran the uninstall growl script before buying on the app store; the app store download worked properly on the first try...

I bought and installed the new version 1.3 but it doesn't work with some apps, for instance SapamSieve. I tried to copy the old growl spamsieve.ticket but no result. Any suggestions.



@Gianni Yes, unfortunately Growl 1.3 needs applications to use an updated version of its framework. (I did not realize this at first because the older framework works sporadically, so I was still getting SpamSieve notifications in Growl 1.3 even though some other users were not.) If you’d like to try a pre-release version of SpamSieve with the new Growl code, please contact SpamSieve support.

Ty for your answers but no, I'll wait the final release: it's not so important.


[...] Growl 1.3 is an improvement in many ways, but there’s a lingering bug that causes it to max out my CPU until I try to quit it, at which point it crashes. [...]

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