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Jesper on upcoming C# features:

First, there’s an API model for writing dynamic read-eval-print loops where lines of code can be interpreted in a script-like fashion and kept intact as you go; running code, importing namespaces, referencing new assemblies, redefining methods or properties and so on. This would otherwise have to be reinvented for every such implementation and is a nice nod.

Secondly, there’s an object model for the language, something showcased by being able to translate between C# and VB (for which equivalent work is being done) and writing smart, custom refactorings, which was previously only in the hands of people who were already basically writing their own C# compiler, like ReSharper or CodeRush.


iCal Search Problem

I’ve recently discovered that iCal’s search is not showing me all of the matches. If I go to the right months I can see the events there, but they don’t appear in the search results list. This is a big problem! So far, I’ve noticed:

  1. The events do appear in the search results on my iPhone.
  2. Deleting the file ~/Library/Calendars/Calendar Cache didn’t help.
  3. The events do not appear in Spotlight search results from the Finder.
  4. According to a BBEdit search, there do not seem to be .ics files for these events in the folder ~/Library/Calendars/«UUID».calendar/Events/ or in an iCal export.

I suppose the solution is to get iCal to regenerate the .ics files in the Events folder, but I’m not sure how best to do this. Apple has instructions for resetting Sync Services, but I worry that this would cause it to overwrite the Sync Services database with the incomplete .ics files, whereas I want to do the reverse.

Update (2011-10-13): Alas, Mac OS X 10.7.2 did not fix the search problem.