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How to Stop Safari 5 From Unexpectedly Reloading Pages

Jason Sims:

You should now see a Debug menu in Safari, to the right of the Help menu (not to be confused with the Develop menu). In this menu, disable “Use Multi-process Windows” by selecting it (when it’s disabled, it will no longer have a checkmark next to it).


Some Safari Extensions will no longer work after this though, which was a deal breaker for me.

I’ve yet to find any extensions that I want to run.

"I’ve yet to find any extensions that I want to run."

I highly recommend ClickToPlugin. I'm using it on Safari 5.0.5, though there is a Safari 5.1 version as well.

(When I pop out of OmniWeb to see a site in its full Web 2.0 glory in Safari, ClickToPlugin makes things work a lot nicer. You can even download internet video from right inside the browser via contextual menu.)

1Password :)

@Martin I like and use 1Password, but I’m not comfortable with giving a Safari extension access to all of my passwords, since I’ve already given Safari itself full access to the network.

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