Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reliable Crash Reporting

Landon Fuller:

Implementing a reliable and safe crash reporter on iOS presents a unique challenge: an application may not fork() additional processes, and all handling of the crash must occur in the crashed process. If this sounds like a difficult proposition to you, you’re right. Consider the state of a crashed process: the crashed thread abruptly stopped executing, memory might have been corrupted, data structures may be partially updated, and locks may be held by a paused thread. It’s within this hostile environment that the crash reporter must reliably produce an accurate crash report.

Mac developers may soon be updating their crash reporters, as Lion’s application sandbox requires a temporary entitlement to access the crash log files.

In theory, you can get crash logs from iTunes Connect, but there’s no way to contact the user who submitted them, and I’ve never actually seen any crash logs show up there for my applications.

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