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Grappler, from The Little App Factory, is a little app for downloading videos from YouTube and other sites. I’ve tried a variety of applications, scripts, and helper Web sites over the years, as well as View Source and Safari’s Activity window. Grappler is much easier. Often, I don’t actually want to watch the video, just listen to the audio from my iPhone. Grappler makes that easy, too.


Off Liberty does the same thing in a web ui for free...

@Donavan Off Liberty shows ads and didn’t work when I just tried it.

I've been using the donation-ware ClipGrab, which works for some sites, and doesn't work for others.

I haven't tried Grappler, and I thank you for the tip. I'll give it a try and see if it is a better solution than ClipGrab. If so, it's worth the price to me.

Well, since I mentioned it in another thread, I'll note that I've used in the past, and now use again, the excellent ClickToPlugin Safari extension to download media from YouTube and other sites.

Nothing is easier than just control-clicking on what you're looking at in your browser and finding a "Download Media" menu item.

(I had used ClipGrab for a bit, since Marc modified ClickToPlugin to work with Safari 5.1, breaking 5.0.5 compatibility. But I recently noticed he had put up the last 5.0.5 version on his site for folks like me, and it still works fine for downloading video.)

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