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po [NSNumber numberWithBool:NO] Outputs 1


[T]here’s a symbol called NO that was loaded onto the address 0x9374bc6a73a0a1. Since the address is different from 0, +numberWithBool: returns an NSNumber representing a true value.

But when you’re not in gdb, the value of NO is supplied by the preprocessor.

QuickPick Pulled From App Store

Jonathan Rentzsch:

Seth submitted a formal appeal to Apple’s App Review Board on April 7 2011. After seven weeks Apple denied his appeal. Seth asked for a supervisor, was promised contact info, but never received it.


Facing a widening feature gap between his direct-sale version and a bug that Apple won’t allow him to fix, Seth has done the best thing he can do: remove QuickPick from the Mac App Store.

I first mentioned this unfortunate story in April. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more situations like this once Apple starts requiring sandboxing in November.