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SQLite creator D. Richard Hipp (via Reddit):

There are several document-oriented databases available today and they are growing in popularity. But all existing document-oriented databases have their own proprietary and incompatible query methods, meaning that it is hard to move an application from one database engine to another. And the query methods that are available tend to be very low-level, meaning that a lot of the query logic that used to be handled automatically by the database engine must now be manually coded into the application by the programmer.

UnQL aims to remedy this situation by providing a common database query language that can be used to access document-oriented databases from multiple vendors. This helps developers write portable applications and avoid database-vendor lock-in. UnQL also strives to provide a very powerful and rich query language that transfers much of the complex algorithm-picking logic back to the database engine, saving lots of code in the application, and lots of developer time and frustration.

CouchDB’s Damien Katz is also involved in UnQL, and Hipp is working on UnQLite. This looks promising.


Reminds me of something, but I can't quite remember what. Oh, yeah, that:

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