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Friday, July 22, 2011

Dock Indicator Lights


Actually as it turns out, I am really using the indicator for the information “is a window of that app open ?” and I am doing this consistently. I have a pile of partially obscured windows layered on top of it other, where I basically know where what could be where approximately (spatial memory). As an example my Address Book is usually somewhere in the top left corner.

In practice, with an i7 and the maximum 8 GB of RAM, it does help for me to quit applications—and even reboot from time to time. Much of the memory hogging seems to be due to WebKit, though, so perhaps the new multi-process model in Lion will help. As far as auto-quitting and re-opening, it seems unlikely that Lion will have a better idea of which applications I would want quit than I do, and I worry that I will lose information or state, e.g. from Web pages that get reloaded.

Safari 5.1 and MathML

Dr. Drang:

The easiest way to compare Safari’s MathML rendering with other ways of viewing math is to go to this page set up by Peter Luschny. He’s created three pages with the same content: one that uses images to display equations (which we won’t concern ourselves with), one that uses MathJax (which is what I use for equations in my posts), and one that uses MathML.

It’s great that this has been added to Safari, although currently the typography is not very good. I’m not really sure what to make of MathML. There needs to be a way to do math in the browser without resorting to images or JavaScript. But the syntax for MathML is so unwieldy compared with LaTeX.