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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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I’m not really that excited about Lion as a user, but there’s lots of great stuff in it for developers.

Presumed Valid

Chris Adamson:

What’s discouraging is that it’s clear, despite hopes to the contrary, that Apple has no philosophical problem with software patents whatsoever. Indeed, in the Lodsys case, it’s not trying to invalidate the junk patent; it’s asserting that Apple’s license of the patents covers its use by third parties. The instinct may well be in their corporate DNA (and that of other large tech companies) that patents are a critical strategic asset, something to be amassed and protected whenever possible. That MacroSolve could patent electronic form submission, in 2003, seems not to bother them. Patents are, apparently, too important to be doubted.

I, too, was disappointed in Tim Cook’s answer.

Rapid DHCP

David Simmons (via Hypercritical):

All too often, I’ll open the lid on my EeePC netbook, enter a Web address, and get the dreaded “This webpage is not available” message because the machine is still working on connecting to my Wi-Fi network. On some occasions, I have to twiddle my thumbs for as long as 10–15 seconds before the network is ready to be used. The frustrating thing is that I know it doesn’t have to be this way. I know this because I have a Mac. When I open the lid of my MacBook Pro, it connects to the network nearly instantaneously. In fact, no matter how fast I am, the network comes up before I can even try to load a Web page. My curiosity got the better of me, and I set out to investigate how Macs are able to connect to the network so quickly, and how the network connect time in other operating systems could be improved.

There’s also a discussion on Hacker News.