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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BBEdit 10

BBEdit 10.0 adds a bunch of new features that you can also read about in the complete change list. Some of the highlights, for me:

Some of my main missing features from BBEdit 9 still apply: no TextMate-style “Go to File” within a project, no Git support, underpowered codeless language modules, minimal Xcode integration. So I use Xcode for Objective-C and TextMate for editing reStructuredText (ATPM and my product manuals), but BBEdit for practically everything else.

On the business side, it’s interesting to note that Snow Leopard is now required. They shipped without waiting for Apple to approve it. The Mac App Store version is still missing the authenticated saves feature, but unlike with some developers, you cannot, apparently, purchase from Apple and then decide to use the direct-download version. The price has been drastically reduced. And as the Mac App Store doesn’t offer upgrade pricing, Bare Bones is offering free upgrades to everyone who purchased since the store opened in January and offering everyone else the upgrade price until October. Some longtime users seem upset to be treated to the same pricing as the newbies, but in the Mac App Store world I’m not really sure what the alternative was. And, anyway, it’s definitely worth the $40.

Update: As of August 6, BBEdit 10 is still not available in the Mac App Store. Good thing they didn’t wait to release it.

Update: BBEdit 10 became available in the Mac App Store on August 8.