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Friday, July 15, 2011

The iPhone’s Home Button

Lukas Mathis:

It’s not clear to me why Apple does this at all. If I launch an app from the fifth home screen, is it highly likely that the next app I want to launch is also on that home screen? If I launch an app from inside a folder, is it highly likely that the next app I want to launch is also inside that folder? Probably not. So why not just send me to the first home screen when I hit home? That way, I always know where I end up when I hit «home».

I would be fine with having the Home button always take you back to the first home screen. I’d rather remember the swipes to get to a particular app than have to always reorient myself after pressing Home. The folder modes especially seem to get in the way.

The Rise and Fall of the Independent Developer

Craig Hockenberry:

And, of course, only large companies and publishers can bear these costs. My fear is that It’s only a matter of time before developers find the risks and expenses prohibitive and retreat to the safety of a larger organization. We’ll be going back to square one.

It should not be possible to patent basic ideas like cross-promotion links and collecting data via a form.