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Push, Dropbox, Async, and Indie Sockets

Gus Mueller:

What the heck can indie devs use as a persistent server connection, so that their syncing implementations can receive fast updates? I’m not going to host a server for this purpose-that really isn’t a core competency of mine, and I know it isn’t for many other indie devs either. And as a customer, I wouldn’t want to rely on a 3rd party server for this.


I have one big unanswered question about iCloud. Are developers allowed to use it if their app is not sold via the App Store? I asked this to multiple people at WWDC, and got conflicting answers. My educated guess is “No,” but I’d be happy if someone could point me to documentation which confirms it either way.

If the answer is indeed “No,” that would make dropping iDisk even more of a loss of functionality. I suppose that will just send more people to Dropbox.


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