Friday, July 1, 2011

Dropbox Policy Changes


Today we revised our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Security Overview. We’re in the process of emailing every user to let you know about these changes. These updates are meant to make all our policies clearer and more transparent to you.

Update (2011-07-04): The changes are getting some backlash in the comments. Dave Winer cancelled his account, and some Slashdotters are also upset. Jeff Goldberg at AgileBits (formerly Agile Web Solutions), however, says that “There is nothing in these Dropbox Terms of Service that gives them the right to do anything with your data that you don’t ask them to do.”

Update (2011-07-05): Simon Bradshaw:

What I know has concerned some people though is the rider at the end of Dropbox’s clause about “You must ensure you have the rights you need to grant us that permission.” Does this mean that you can only store content on Dropbox if you either created it or have licensed it on terms that allow you to copy it?

Update (2011-07-07): Another revision to the terms of service uses more plain English.

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