Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kindle Periodical Improvements

Two longstanding Kindle problems have been that, unlike with books, magazines could only be downloaded onto one device. Secondly, you could keep old issues as long as you want, but if you upgraded your Kindle (or needed to replace it for some other reason) you could not transfer the kept issues. Andrys Basten reports that Amazon has made some improvements recently. It is now possible to download current issues onto multiple devices—i.e. Kindles or Android devices, since the iOS and Mac clients don’t support periodicals. Additionally, old periodical issues that were purchased individually (not via subscriptions) can be re-downloaded at will. Ideally, magazines and newspapers would work just like books—you’d be able to get any issue that you’d purchased, complete with your notes and highlights, at any time—but this is at least some progress.

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