Sunday, June 5, 2011

Steve Jobs at WWDC 1997 Q&A

Steve Jobs makes some very insightful comments in this video (via MacRumors). I started watching the bit about NFS home directories, but pretty much the whole thing is gold. It’s funny how he keeps saying what Apple should do before adding, “But I don’t make these decisions.”

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I'm assuming (and very much hoping) a Lion OS X box will be able to duplicate the iCloud serving functions of the execrable Time Capsule.

iCloud just got a lot more interesting to me if I'm the one who gets to serve the files from my own equipment in my own home, rather than having to route everything through Apple's server farm. I want to host my own Dropbox-replacement and my own Music streaming library...

Too bad the Kahney story I based the above comment upon turned out to be completely false instead of true.

Silly me for thinking there would be truly good news coming out of Cupertino when the track record of the last few years has shown such an possibility to be exceedingly unlikely. (Kahney's fable would've been incredibly cool, had it been true. It would've been everything I wanted.)

Cupertino could be doing some really wonderful things with their tech if they weren't so focused on short-term profitability and lock-in through the AppStoreMonster.

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