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Drive Genius 3 LE

Prosoft (via Macworld):

Drive Genius 3 LE is a special App Store version of Drive Genius 3 which allows you to work on your external, non-startup drives.


We've entered the world of Cripplewareâ„¢ thanks to the AppStoreMonster.

I found the release notes on what's been crippled in the AppStoreMonster version of EagleFiler to be fascinating and very depressing. Of course, you're a good developer, and you've got a non-Cripplewareâ„¢ version available outside the AppStoreMonster, but keeping two versions means more work for the good developers.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a fan of the AppStoreMonster?

I've been building an application that might need to do some things that probably won't be allowed by the App Store. I'm considering putting that functionality separately in a plugin someone could get from outside the App Store. Hopefully the App Store won't start to disallow apps with plugin APIs... Although perhaps I'll just skip publishing on the App Store instead.

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