Wednesday, May 11, 2011

iFlowReader Evicted From the App Store

BeamItDown Software (via App Rejections):

What sounds like a reasonable demand when packaged by Apple’s extraordinary public relations department is essentially an eviction notice to all ebook sellers on iOS.  After over three years of developing products for iOS during which we had over six million downloads of our BeamItDown iFlowReader products, Apple is giving us the boot by making it financially impossible for us to survive.  They want all of the eBook business on iOS and since they have the unilateral power to get it, we are out of business and the iFlow Reader is dead.

As described previously, Apple changed the rules so that apps that display content must use in-app purchase and give Apple 30%. And because of the agency model (which Apple encouraged the publishers to adopt) it’s not even possible to raise prices to avoid losing money on each e-book sold. June 30th is fast approaching, so we’ll soon see whether Amazon gets special treatment, they decide to withdraw the Kindle app from iOS, or Apple changes the rules again.

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