Wednesday, May 11, 2011

iAd Policy Change: No More Kid-Focused Apps

Mike Zornek:

And that’s how an iAd supported version of Dex died. No warning, no notice and inevitably no respect to the developers who have centered their app’s revenue model around the iAd platform.

Apple should target their ads better. I would have loved to have seen some ads that were better suited to kids in Dex. It’s a shame they don’t have the inventory to do so. However the manner in which they’ve made this policy change just stinks.

Furthermore there is no documentation of this change. Nothing is on the iAd developer page to alert people that the current fill rate for apps and games targeted at kids is zero.

What determines whether an application is “targeted at young children”? I suppose that with Pokémon it’s fairly clear, but where is the line for apps that are intended for all ages? Do you have to mark it as having objectionable material in order for it to not be a kid’s app? Or does the iAds staff just decide on their own?

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Here where I live, ads targeted at young children are forbidden by law. Perhaps Apple had the same idea as our legislators.

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