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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Tragic Death of the Flip

David Pogue:

The masses still have regular cellphones that don’t capture video, let alone hi-def video. They’re the people who buy Flip camcorders. It’s wayyyyyy too soon for app phones to have killed off the camcorder.

He has some other theories about what happened.

Don’t Mimic Real-World Interfaces

Ben Brooks (via Marco Arment):

How many teenagers today are likely to have ever owned or used a DayRunner? Mimicking these interfaces is not about creating a more usable interface, or about giving the consumer what they know — it is about creating eye candy, while the usability and productivity of the app suffers. Eye candy can aid a design and the usability — as it did with the first computer applications — more often though is forces the app to look and behave in a manner that is not very helpful to the user.

Implementing imp_implementationWithBlock()

Landon Fuller explains Apple’s implementation of imp_implementationWithBlock() and posted his own PLBlockIMP, which works on Mac OS X 10.6:

On Darwin, vm_remap() provides support for mapping an existing code page at new address, while retaining the existing page protections; using vm_remap(), we can create multiple copies of existing, executable code, placed at arbitrary addresses. If we generate a template page filled with trampolines at build time, we can create arbitrary duplicates of that page at runtime. This allows us to allocate an arbitrary number of trampolines using that template without requiring writable code…