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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


JetBrains appCode is a new Objective-C IDE for Mac and iOS development. It can read Xcode projects and has an advanced source editor and debugger but relies on Interface Builder 3 to edit nib files. It’s great to see some ambitious competition for Xcode, although the interface doesn’t really appeal to me. It does clearly best Xcode 4 in one area, though: it can sort the file list alphabetically.

Average App Store Review Times

Dave Verwer’s Average App Store Review Times searches for the #iosreviewtime or #macreviewtime hash tags on Twitter to crowdsource how long it’s currently taking Apple to review apps (via Jeff LaMarche).

iPad Subscriber Data

Ian Betteridge:

And the value you get from your subscription list largely doesn’t lie in selling that data directly to third parties. […] The more you know about your readers, the more valuable your ads. The problem with the Apple model, which the FT is correct in highlighting, is that it effectively breaks the relationship you have with subscribers, which lets you increase the cost of your ads.

More relevant ads are better for everyone. It’s not clear to me why Apple doesn’t want generic demographic data used, either for third-party publishers or for its own iAds.