Thursday, March 31, 2011

Skype 5 for Mac

Lukas Mathis:

The window no longer looks simple. Instead, it looks overwhelming. On the plus side, it’s now easier to add a new contact, and I can decide whether to call somebody or start a chat by hovering over a contact. On the minus side, everything else. Since every Skype feature is crammed into a single window, that window feels overloaded. No longer do I see a simple list of contacts. Instead, I have a complex multi-paned window whose right panel shows entirely different things, depending on the application’s mode.

I’m especially not a fan of the little buttons that only appear on mouse-over. Xcode 4 has many of the same issues, although on the whole I think its redesign was a success and most of the problems could be solved within its current paradigm.

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