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Taking the “World” Out of WWDC

Chris Adamson:

Think you’re not going to miss corporate developers with only a tangential interest in Apple? I think you will…when the apps in non-computer fields don’t get developed, because the developers couldn’t get to WWDC, couldn’t go to the sessions or the labs, couldn’t come back to their companies with the passion, the sway, and the answers to make iOS and Mac projects happen in their firms. […] Now imagine a thousand other businesses that might contribute to the iOS and Mac ecosystems. Yeah, they’re not coming. But hipster indie developers like me? Us, you’ve got in spades.

I don’t know whether there’s a venue that would work better, but it might help if Apple announced the information in advance of when tickets went on sale or had some sort of lottery. Otherwise, the attendees will be predominantly smaller developers from the US.

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Hell, we had two of our Apple reps pinging us to go to WWDC, but there was no way we could get the corporate approvals in time. Our reps are great at taking care of us when there's something they can do, but for things like WWDC tickets, they're powerless.

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