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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Betrand Serlet and Craig Federighi

Wil Shipley:

I’m notoriously bad with dates, but in my story-telling memory Craig was running the EOF group within, like, a month. EOF was a HUGE deal for NeXT, so this was the then-equivalent that running the iPod group at Apple would have been a few years ago. During this time he always dealt with Omni openly; he integrated code we’d written at McCaw into EOF, and let us in on what was happening with the framework. We felt like we were his partners – not exclusive partners, obviously, but our voices mattered, none-the-less.

More from Hacker News and David Cásseres.

.NET/C# Generics History

Don Syme (via Charles Cook):

What would the cost of inaction have been? What would the cost of failure have been? No generics in C# 2.0? No LINQ in C# 3.0? No TPL in C# 4.0? No Async in C# 5.0? No F#? Ultimately, an erasure model of generics would have been adopted, as for Java, since the CLR team would never have pursued a in-the-VM generics design without external help.