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iPhone Notes App Comparison

Dr. Drang compares Simplenote, Elements, PlainText, and Nebulous Notes (via John Gruber). I’m currently using the built-in Notes app, which is fine on the iPhone but not great on the Mac (in Mail). I’d rather use EagleFiler and BBEdit, so I’m considering switching to a Dropbox-based solution.

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[...] Reading Dr. Drang’s iPhone notes app comparison got me interested in looking for alternatives. I definitely wanted a plain text editor that worked with Dropbox. This gives me full control over the backups, and it lets me edit and search the files using BBEdit, EagleFiler, and LaunchBar. An iPhone app is essential; an iPad version would be a nice extra. It was very important to me to be able to search across multiple files on the iPhone, pick a matching file, and then jump between the results within that file. Simplenote was the only app I found that could do this, so that’s what I’m using now. [...]

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