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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frustration With Google AdWords

Patrick McKenzie:

In normal markets, I would be strongly tempted to take my business to vibrant competitive offerings. Sadly, Google is pretty much the only game in town for viable CPC advertising: even if Microsoft/Yahoo exorcized the abominations haunting their UIs, they would not have enough inventory to matter for me in my niche (I’ve tried before).

I tried Yahoo a while ago and was appalled at how little inventory they had. I think it took almost a year for them to spend whatever the minimum payment was. On the other hand, Google’s system encourages you to overpay for keywords that no one else wants.

Transmit 4.1.5 Now Half-Available

Cabel Sasser notes that Panic has been holding back Transmit 4.1.5 since January 6, because they wanted to release it simultaneously for their direct customers and in the Mac App Store. However, after three weeks in review (for a 0.0.1 update!) Transmit 4.1.5 is still not approved, so they’ve decided to half-release it. I hope that developers will, for once, not think “WWPD,” but instead ship updates right away, not to penalizing their customers for Apple’s delays. Though it’s perhaps reassuring that a top developer like Panic doesn’t seem to be getting special treatment (though some top-grossing apps have had multiple updates approved since the store opened), it’s cold comfort for those who worked through the holidays to submit before the December deadline and still haven’t heard anything from Apple.

Complete Friday Q&A

Mike Ash’s excellent series of blog posts about Cocoa and Objective-C is now available for iBooks and Kindle.