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Unique Mac App Store Bundle IDs

Lucius Kwok:

Turns out I should have picked a new, unique Bundle Identifier. Unique in the sense that it can’t be the same as the one from the previous version of the same app. Currently it’s com.felttip.SoundStudio. Something like com.felttip.SoundStudio.mas would have fixed it. But I never thought about doing that, because then it would mean that the preferences and document associations with the old app would not carry over to the Mac App Store version.

Being that my applications aren’t yet approved for sale, I’m trying to figure out whether I made the right choice in registering separate bundle IDs for my Mac App Store builds. I thought this made sense because, even with the same version numbers, the features will be different. However, there are certainly disadvantages to unique IDs as well, and now I’m leaning the other way. It’s unfortunate that Apple has been silent on this and so many other issues.

Update (2011-01-09): Apple advised Lucius Kwok to use the same bundle ID.


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