Friday, December 3, 2010

Tickets 2.1

Tickets has made a lot of progress since its initial release as a tool for creating new FogBugz cases from your Mac. Version 2.0 saved local copies of all the cases for fast viewing and searching, but it was buggy and missing too many features for me to consider using it. Version 2.1 adds two important ones: snippets (automatically imported from FogBugz) and clickable case numbers. Although I’m happy with the FogBugz Web interface for bug tracking and project management, I’m hoping to eventually switch to Tickets for replying to customer support e-mails. Doing this from Safari feels slow, and it’s awkward on smaller screens. There are still some issues blocking me from using Tickets in this way, but developer Jeff Schilling is very receptive to suggestions and seems to be making good progress.

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