Sunday, November 21, 2010

Google Voice App

Glenn Fleishman:

The 15-month-plus period in which Apple maintained that the app was in a Schrödinger cat box—neither accepted nor rejected—has finally resulted in the free app becoming available. Apple and AT&T both changed policies about calling apps, whether they use voice-over-IP or rely on built-in cell calling systems.…Google Voice, however, doesn’t use VoIP at all.

I presume that the “joke” is simply that Google didn’t take fresh screenshots.

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Glenn Fleishman

One of two things: Apple approved precisely what Google submitted in mid-2009, without alerting Google in advance, so a newer version was published, and thus the screenshots made in 2009 were used; or Google opted to leave those in place as a sort of ridicule about the delay.

The latter would be a sort of a joke; the former, just unfortunate.

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