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Friday, November 12, 2010

Raising the Level of Discourse

Pierre Lebeaupin:

Even if Apple feels it is wrongly criticized for, say, doing X, if only they would answer “Of course we do X, it seems obvious to us why, but here are three good reasons for us to do so”, then it would silence the press that made the dumb criticism, while allowing more serious outlets to follow up with “Yes, but then why do you do X even when Y?”

The iPhone 4 antenna and the App Store make good examples. Apple certainly could raise the communication to a higher level, but there seems to be little immediate incentive for them to.

The Unarchiver 2.6

The best Mac archive expander, The Unarchiver, now supports Now Compress and has better DiskDoubler support.

Instapaper 2.3

Instapaper 2.3 has a bunch of nice improvements. I use it and GoodReader more than any other iPad apps. See also developer Macro Arment’s Default.png dilemma.

CD Baby and the iTunes Music Store

Derek Sivers on working with Apple, Steve Jobs changing his tune, and making promises about things beyond your full control (via Jason Snell).

[Jobs:] This number could have easily been much higher, if we wanted to let in every song. But we realize record companies do a great service. They edit! Did you know that if you and I record a song, for $40 we can pay a few of the services to get it on their site, through some intermediaries? We can be on Rhapsody and all these other guys for $40? Well we don’t want to let that stuff on our site! So we’ve had to edit it. And these are 400,000 quality songs.