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Friday, November 5, 2010

Going Flash-Free

John Gruber:

But that doesn’t mean I never run into Flash content I wish to view but for which there is no HTML5 alternative. Google Chrome offers a workaround — Chrome includes its own self-contained Flash Player plugin. Removing Flash Player from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ prevents Safari and Firefox (and almost all other Mac web browsers) from loading Flash content, but not Chrome.

He also has a good tip for how to quickly open the current Safari page in Chrome.

Linus Torvalds’ Greatest Invention

Mark Dominus describes some of Git’s design cleverness.

Microsoft Office 2011 Icons

Armin Vit:

The previous icons, designed by Landor, have always seemed like water park tube slides to me, but I always found them strangely enjoyable in a futuristic kind of way. The new ones dial down that UFO aesthetic and introduce a softer, more relatable feel with the rubbery finish of the icons. Removing the drastic perspective also makes the new ones feel less cartoonish and more, well, normal.