Friday, October 22, 2010

Netflix Switches to Amazon S3 and SimpleDB

High Scalability:

In an audacious move for such an established property, Netflix is moving their website out of the comfort of their own datacenter and into the wilds of the Amazon cloud. This paper by Netflix’s Siddharth “Sid” Anand, Netflix’s Transition to High-Availability Storage Systems, gives a detailed look at this transition and does a deep dive on SimpleDB best practices, focussing especially on techniques useful to those who are making the move from a RDBMS.

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Note Gruber's slam on the enthusiasm for Amazon stock shares today.

Amazon absolutely owns their space. Everyone thinks they could be overcome in six months if someone put their minds to it, but they forget that a properly executed first mover advantage really counts in this business.

They're reliable, they're smart, they've got infrastructure and experience, and they manage to seem as if they're genuinely customer-focused. That've got a monopoly on that space...

@Chucky Yeah, and consider that Amazon is actually one of Netflix’s biggest competitors in video.

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