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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Type-Savvy Logging Macro

Vincent Gable has written a nifty macro that, given an expression, prints the code for the expression and the expression’s value, no matter whether it’s an object, scalar, or struct. For example, LOG_EXPR(self.window.frame.size) prints self.window.frame.size = {320, 480}. No need to type format strings or conversion functions.

App Store Director Developed “Animal Farts” and “iWiz”

Wired (via Jesper):

Apple has long been an icon for quality products, but its overflowing iOS App Store is a crapshoot: Nuggets of quality are buried in a vast, steaming heap of inanity. In fact, the man who oversees the App Store process runs a side business selling fart and urination apps.

Phillip Shoemaker, director of applications technology at Apple, who runs the App Store process, sells iPhone apps in the App Store under the company name Gray Noodle.

Choosing this guy to be the head curator sends a great message.