Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Apple Removes Antenna Videos

Eliot Van Buskirk:

Apple deleted videos depicting the signal loss of the iPhone 4 and other smartphones from the U.S. and Asian versions of its website, after Wired.com (and others) criticized the way videos confused a reception issue associated with the iPhone 4’s external antenna design with a general absorption problem suffered by all radio devices.

The new page talks about Apple’s testing process and labs. I suppose the idea is to convince people that there is no reception issue compared with other phones. But if you’re already seeing it with your own eyes and ears, this is questionable logic. The message starts to look like, Apple did all this testing so they must have known about the problem. Or, how did their $100 million lab miss detecting something that ordinary users found right away?

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One of the few explanations behind removing the videos are:

- it was quite clear that you had to strangle the other phones to kill the signal.

- it was showing customers that other phones existed and maybe these customers would find these phones to be worth buying.

hypothetical explanations of course.

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