Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PFiddlesoft Frameworks

Bill Cheeseman, developer of the UI Browser and UI Actions AppleScript utilities, has released some of his applications’ core technology as frameworks. The PFAssistive and PFEventTaps frameworks are Objective-C wrappers for the Accessibility and Quartz Event Tap APIs. There’s extensive PDF and HeaderDoc documentation, and for an extra fee you can get the source code. Garbage collection is not supported.

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Bill Cheeseman is a golden god.


I keep waiting for Apple to expose Spaces, Expose, and CoverFlow to the Accessibility API's.

(I'm assuming the problem here is with Apple, and not with Cheeseman's excellent stuff.)

C'mon now, Apple. Spaces, Expose, and CoverFlow have been out for eons now. If you're not going to provide normal AppleScript hooks, at least put in Accessibility hooks for GUI scripting...

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